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  • Is Closets2Envy a true closet company or a company that has added doing closets to there available services?
    You will get the best job from someone that specializes in doing closets. Lately there has been an upsurge in kitchen cabinet, window treatment, granite counter top, etc companies getting into the closet business as an added service to their line up. A lot of the times, their philosophy is “we were already there, might as well see if we can sell them something else.” Your closet is a specialty design item. You would not want your roofer to build your kitchen. Most have limited experience and available resources. Yes, Closets2Envy is a true closet company.
  • How long has Closets2Envy been doing closets?
    Great question - as experience is key to a job done well. A well known name does not mean that they have been in that market place for long. Closets2Envy was established in 2006. With other companies new franchises and designers are a constant in this business. Ask the designer or owner to see actual photographs of their work. If they can’t produce a portfolio, I would think twice. In today’s age, anyone that cares and is excited about what they do and has been doing it for awhile will have a portfolio. Watch out for dealer photos, slick catalogs and dealer showrooms, they are beautiful to look at, but they do not show what this group has done. If there are similar shirts and slacks and it does not look like an actual person's closet, more than likely it is a stock photograph shot in a studio. Closets2Envy will bring their portfolio and showroom to you, with all the base materials, drawer styles and colors for you to see.
  • Does Closets2Envy try and save me money?
    We try our best. Some closet companies run ads with features such as “free installation," “ 40% off,” “free accessories” . Keep in mind these leaders are to get you to call them. The “bottom line price” is what is important when it comes to your closet. In the closet business, all installations are figured into the price and the percentage off given won’t matter, as the bottom line price is all that counts. The designer should always have the objective of meeting a customer's budget and goal. Most customers want function over form, and the budget is small. A good designer will lead you to the areas that they think would get you the best bang for the buck. They will ask questions to understand what your priorities are and how to get as many of those priorities covered at the least expensive price.
  • Are all closets companies the same and do they carry the same products?
    Quite simply, no. There are many manufactures of closet materials and accessories. Make sure that you are getting ¾” shelving and that shelf spans do not run over 42” as anything longer will lead to bowed shelves. Remember if it goes to the floor; that is added expense as it is added material. The look of a floor mounted system may be the look that you like and want. However in most cases, a wall mounted system works just fine and it does not require cutting base board or carpet issues. Closet2Envy can do either. Accessories are the closet's jewelry. In some cases, you may find that you are paying as much for the inexpensive accessories as you would for the nice ones. Ask the designer to show you the actual accessory. Several closet companies are locked in to carrying one type of accessory line; ask them if they can get other types if you are not satisfied. Make sure the accessories fit the style of your closet.
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