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Comparing Bids

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What to look for when comparing bids.....

There are several things to look for when evaluating designs to make sure you are comparing similar designs and items to get a true measure...

  • Do you have the same number of drawers and/or doors?

  • Are the drawer faces Melamine or thermofoil (melamine drawer faces are flat with edge banding IE have the Home Depot look)

  • Full extension drawer guides or standard drawer guides?

  • Are Drawer Boxes dovetail real wood?

  • Is wood product the same thickness? 

  • What depth is the system?  (14" is standard 12" is the minimum)

  • Are you comparing the same color and texture?

  • Does your system have a warranty for as long as you own your home?

  • Any additional features such as tie rack, hamper, or slanted shoe shelves?

  • Do the drawers and hang sections work together? Drawer opening unobstructed?

  • What is the quality of the additional items? Will it last 5, 10 or 30 years?

  • Are the wire baskets powder coated or real chrome?

  • Are handles plastic or metal?

  • Are you being offered all the components and accessories you want?

  • Are drawers and doors quality foil wrapped?

  • Does system go all the way to the floor or is it wall mounted?

  • Is the plan really functional for you and did the designer truly listen to your needs?

  • Are the bars wood or metal?

  • Are there moldings, crown or base molding, involved and included?


The two biggest things that should be looked at is the drawers and the over-all depth of the system.


Drawers range greatly.  The least expensive drawers are Melamine drawer faces and boxes, with three quarter guides (drawers come out about 3/4 of the way when fully pulled out). Thermofoil Drawer fronts are the nicer drawer faces and add a distinctive look, they can be shaker, raised panel, etc.  Thermofoil drawer faces add a lot to the price, but are so much nicer. Drawer boxes can be melamine to dovetail solid maple.  Closets2Envy guides can be three quarter pull, full extension, soft close or touch to open.



         Melamine Slab Drawer Front                                               Thermofoil Drawer Front






Many closet companies will sell 12" deep systems to make more money on materials.  At Closets2Envy all of our closets are a minimum of 14" depth.  Twelve inch deep makes the system look bony and cheapens the look of the closet.

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